About Chania

A magic place to visit

Chania is the second-largest city in Crete. A unique place and ideal tourist destination that offers more than wonderful seasides and sun. It combines hospitality, unique culture and history, delicious cuisine, fresh products with the beautiful natural environment, which is an amazing puzzle of seasides, mountains, lakes, admirable mesa, famous canyos, such as «Samaria Gorge», «St. Irene Gorge», as well as, with extreme sports, waterparks, festivals and intensive nightlife.

History of Chania…. at a glance

The area of Chania has been inhabited since pre-historic times until today without intermission.
3000 – 2800 B.C.    Archaeological artifacts prove the existence of ancient Kydonia
2800 – 1150 B.C.    Minoan civilisation. Ancient Kydonia is one of the most powerful cities in Crete
1st millennium AD   Kydonia prevails until the 7th century AD
823 – 961 AD          Occupation by the Arabs
961 – 1252 AD        Byzantine period
1252 – 1645 AD      Occupation by the Venetians
1645 – 1897 AD      Occupation by the Turks
1898 AD                 Foundation of the Cretan State. Chania is the capital of Crete
1913 AD                 Unification of Crete with Greece

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